Sunday, 13 February 2011

Update No. 2!

Despite Fran suffering with throat problems due to a bad cold she managed to pull off a passable vocal performance for our gig at The Swan Inn, Farnborough on Sat 12th Feb.  As it turned out at the end of the gig, the band discovered that Richard, our hardworking bassist was also suffering in secret with some kind of bug and had indeed spent the whole of our second set trying not to throw up!  We are very thankful that he managed to keep that to himself as not quite sure what our audience would have made of that little scenario..ewww infact let's not think about it.  He said he was trying to decide whether he would have time to get his bass off and find a place to do it in time!  But all horrible ill health aside, the band actually had a really great night, with another busy crowd in this well populated pub, as it turned out, a lot of whom had specifically come to see us, we are forever grateful for your support it really does make it all worth while!

Next gig is Sat 19 Feb at The Rowbarge in Guildford where we understand that Mark the very lovely landlord is undertaking a public leg wax all for a great charity during our interval so do come down and enjoy SOTS doing it live and support the brave landlord in the process!  

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