Sunday, 4 March 2012

Punk Tribute Nights

All our punk fans might be interested in a new development for Sounds of the Suburbs. Alongside our regular gigs where we play a full repertoire of songs including punk, rock & indie, we wanted to do the occasional gigs where we play JUST PUNK all night.  We intend to call these special one-off gigs our 'Punk Tribute' gigs.

If you like the sound of this get in touch and let us know where you would like us to arrange a Punk Tribute night and a venue happy to host one.  We think there is demand as we are often asked to add particular punk songs to the set so we know some of our audience are very keen punk fans.  We would love to make this a regular feature of our gig schedule but it will probably take time to build and we anticipate our first Punk Tribute night will be later in the year once we've had time to find the right venue.

We also need your help!  We think it would be a great idea to show some photo's of that era during the show so if you are happy to submit pictures from your punk collection to us we would love to show them live on stage while we are playing, so you get to be a real part of our show!  Anything would be of interest to us, pictures of punk gigs you were at, you/your mates, stuff you did together, iconic records you bought, badges collection, anything really.

If you have any photos like this and you are happy for these to be used on stage, please email them to:

Thanks and keep an eye on our updates for further news on our Punk Tribute developments.
All the best
March 2012

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